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New Clock Cleaners brand are not Amyl Nitrate nor are they Amyl Nitrite

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When someone says they are going to “clean your clock,” they typically mean they are going to beat the crap out of you! Idioms are fun and who knows the origin of that expression. New Clock Cleaners © brand proudly presents a fresh line of premium multi-purpose solvent cleaners aptly named because they will literally clean the clocks of anything put in front of them with their fresh formulas! Poppers Los Angeles offers these new nitrite formulas through their online store. Nitrite with an “i” not amyl nitrate with an “a.” More on that topic later. The popper cleaning world is abuzz about these latest quality poppers to hit the market.

New Clock Cleaners brand are not Amyl Nitrate nor are they Amyl Nitrite they are premium solvent cleaners and now available here at Poppers Los Angeles.  

The new line is becoming a hit in the arena as result of many fine scents and premium quality super strong impact. Yes, they can clean your clock and any other hard surface or leather product that has built up a layer of grime that needs to be smoothed out and eased away. First in the ring is Original Clock Cleaner 30ml Multi-Purpose Solvent Cleaner exclusively from partners who provide the highest quality customer support and premium services. This Solvent Cleaner is hard hitting and uplifting. You can buy individual bottles of your favorite solvents in 30ml sizes, with the exception of new premium label Fisticuffs 10ml Extra Strength Formula, and Fisticuffs Limited Couples Therapy from Poppers Los Angeles which gives you two powerful cleansing products in one handy dandy combo pack. You won’t find the aroma obnoxious either! One has a red cap and the other a white one for easy identification.

Check out the full line of New Clock Cleaners © brand solutions: not amyl nitrate! New Clock Cleaners © brand solvents 30 ml sizes include: Original Clock Cleaner 30ml Multi-Purpose Solvent Cleaner; Castro Platinum; Monster Clock; Big Ben; Clock Cleaner Platinum; Clock Cleaner Rough n Tumble; Crazy Cuckoo; and Big Black Clock aka BBC. In addition, 10ml bottles offer Fisticuffs 10ml Extra Strength Formula and Limited Couples Therapy. Each one is known to be powerful, efficient and capable of cleaning your clock!

Can’t select just one? Want to add the spice of life to your routine cleaning day activities? Check out the combo packs available from Poppers Los Angeles, your online supermarket for premium, not amyl nitrate, cleaning solvents. Get all 8 new Clock Cleaners © brand solvents 30 ml sizes in one fun pack. In addition, the 10ml bottles combo offer Fisticuffs 10ml Extra Strength Formula and Limited Couples Therapy. Combo packs give you variety at a volume discount price.

Now back to those pesky nitrates mentioned earlier. Uninformed and confused purveyors of urban mythology and otherwise inaccurate reporting have been referring to the original poppers formula amyl nitrite as amyl nitrate for years. It doesn’t seem like much, but a name is a name and an organic formula, is well, the structure of the solvent. If you have it wrong, it is wrong! Amyl nitrate is wrong when referring to old and new poppers cleaning solvents from Poppers Los Angeles. Our Clock Cleaners line of solvents contain a new compound formulated after the FDA decided to classify the original poppers amyl nitrite as a medicine needing a prescription. This came about as result of political shenanigans most likely targeted at the population of gays and veterans who were using poppers as inhalants. The FDA’s own evidence vindicated poppers, but the powerbrokers got their way anyhow.

Check out our full line of new for 2019 premium Clock Cleaner brand poppers. Shipping and handling are easy and professional. Have fun browsing our online store and making the perfect choice!